DUDE - Do Unlimited, extenD compEtence

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DUDE – Do Unlimited extenD compEtence project 1.1.2021-31.8.2023.
Project funding: European Social fund. Leverage from the EU 2014-2020. ELY.

The aim of the DUDE – Do Unlimited extenD compEtence project is to help young people who are in the risk of becoming marginalized to become employed. Our main goal is to help the DUDE participants to move on to the job market. We will achieve this by offering them relevant tasks in their field of study or expertise. The participants will gain new knowledge and practical skills in their own field of interest and build networks with the local business.

As the working life renews itself constantly and there is increased demand for multidisciplinary skills, we will consider the need for DUDE participants to be able to apply and adjust their knowledge into different fields that need workforce. We will offer the participants a wide view on the job market and information on how they can apply their skills in it at the present and in the future. By taking these actions the participants will develop their skills to be better suited to the needs of the local business and increase their chance to become employed in our region.

The young participants will be supported by work and life coaches during their DUDE term.

The expected results of the project:

1. The young participants will gain practical experience in their own field and becomes employed.
2. The young participants will evaluate and utilize their unique skills and strengths in their field in response to the demands of the working life.
3. With the support of technological solutions, the substance knowledge and skills of the participants will improve.
4. The utilization of technology in developing skills on various fields and increasing the knowledge of the field.
5. Companies will accept, understand, and acknowledge the need for special support in the working life.
6. Duplicable environment for different fields.


Budget: 498 645 €

EU-funding: 373 984 €