Viktor Spasenkov


Phone number: 0414783739


I am competitive and task-solving person, who takes tasks given, seriously. Takes attention to details. Have some (mostly basic) skills in physics, electronics, mathematics and mechanical drawing (KOMPAS-Graphic). With experience of working in a group of people and individually.

As for work itself I am ok with some task solving related duties and also prefer some routine daily task (doing mostly same things day by day).  I love being part of a team or some project. Feeling that you are helpful, useful and valuable inspires me to work even harder.

I am quite flexible if it relates to my knowledge and field of study, but I am always ready to learn new and develop myself. I am still young IT student so, I am eager to show my skills and develop some experience bank.

As an IT student I am good with web development stuff like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, might work with both back and front -end. Have some basic knowledge with other languages like C++, Java and C#.

Now I am studying at Centria University of Applied Sciences, Kokkola, Finland. My degree is Bachelor of engineering, information technology.  It started 09.01.2017 and still going. It will end at 2020. During these studies I already took part in DUDE project, working on a web form, I also successfully completed studies for Työturvallisuuskortti.

I also have completed Orenburg State Agrarian University, Orenburg, Russia and got Bachelor degree of engineering, control in technical systems, automation engineering. It started on 01.09.2012 and ended on 27.06.2016. During these studies I got some wide engineering skills, wrote two scientific articles, published in “Young Scientist” journal: “Management of thermal processes of the liquid heating. Types and their features” and “Ensuring of uninterrupted operation of power supply by combined plants in the wind industry”. Both in English.

So, my language skills are fluent English – IELTS 6,5 (B2), and basics of Finnish and German. I also have Finnish driving license with B category.

As for my leisure activities I prefer to ride bicycle in a nature, work with them. My indoor activities include reading different books, getting information about new technologies, watching variety of documentaries, and do some programming.