Zhipeng Jiang

Email: zhipeng.jiang@hotmail.com        

Phone number: 0442099815

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/zhipeng-jiang

GitHub: https://github.com/LowEQ

I know the basics in front-end development especially in Web GIS Development, including Geoserver, OpenLayers, ArcGIS Online, Google Map JS API, ArcGIS JS API. I also know C# development including Windows forms Application, Console Application, Blazor.net Website, data handling with APIs, and data integration with SQL Local database.

Currently, I want to develop my coding skill in .net core framework and in front-end development, therefore if my work is about these two things, I will be very happy to take it. Programming is not a piece of cake take an example when I was doing data integration with Softwave, the program throws NullException error without telling where is the issue, in the end, I manage to solve it by analyzing the raw data, this moment give you joy that you solve one issue that already stacks you for weeks or months. I got a proud feeling that encourages me to move forward.

I am still new from the field, but I am always will learn and develop my skills. I am a kind of person that does not give up that easy, if I don’t know something, I will not hide it, instead, I will ask for help, finding information online and study online course to find out.

I have basic Front-end development skill, C# WinForms and Console development skills, Blazor.net development skill, basic development skill on ArcGIS Online, and basic Data integration with SQL database. I will graduate in 2020 as a Software developer with fluent English, Finnish, and Chinese oral language skills. I have done Real time map project with Blazor.net, Data Integration with SQL Database using C# console application.

I am arranging Urbalan esport event 2019 winter, attending Centria Lan event, also I play guitar, read books and hang out with friends during my free time